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I am a first-gen, Chicano from Southern California who is interested in learning about the world around him. I am a broadly-trained physical geographer, who went to both Ohio State and Penn State to study geography. My interests vary - from studying ice-atmosphere interactions in Greenland, to land use land cover change and human-environmental interactions in Costa Rica. Currently, I am an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Environment and Sustainability at Ohio Wesleyan University (Delaware, Ohio), and I am particularly interested in teaching and mentoring my students. We in the Department work non-stop to provide an immersive, and guided educational experience for our students. 

In addition to my work, I truly enjoy 'county collecting.' This hobby has me criss-crossing the country in order to reach my goal of visiting all 3,000+ counties (or county-equivalents) in the US. You can visit mob-rule.com (my username: glacierguynate) and even set up an account of your own! 



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